Why Snowdonia?

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Why choose snowdonia for your event...

Welcome to the stunningly beautiful Snowdonia, nestled in the heart of North Wales. The perfect location for any event Snowdonia has everything to offer, from mountains to coast, from lakes to sea, from roads to footpaths. Known as a mini New Zealand and outdoor capital of the UK, Snowdonia oozes with adventures and endless possibilities. An experience not to be missed!

Looking down on Snowdonia, Snowdon proudly sits as the highest mountain in Wales. At 1085m the views from the top spread as far as the eye can see. As a mountain Snowdon can be accessed from many different angles, offering a vast range of options. It can be included in many of the well known challenges such as the National 3 Peaks, Welsh 3000's, Snowdon by night or we can design a bespoke event for your group designed to suit you.

The surrounding landscape of Snowdon is equally enticing. Snowdonia itself expands across North Wales with cascading waterfalls, luscious forests, and golden coastlines. The natural beauty of this area is complimented by the good cafe society, tasty restaurants and cosy cottages. All of these can be enjoyed when preparing for, or relaxing after your event. Many events take advantage of the challenging roads or deep dark lakes for adventurous challenges such as triathlons. We can even create a bespoke challenge for you, maybe a sea to summit walking event, a race against the sun, or the new slate trail, allowing you to make the most of Snowdonia.