Our Donations:

Here at Snowdon Events we believe in giving back to the area we love so much, that is why every year we donate to local charities and projects to improve the Snowdonia National Park and surrounding communities. Just some of these are below:

BMC: Mend our Mountains

mend mountains.jpg

Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million aims to raise £1 million in total for a range of vital path repair projects within Britain’s entire family of 15 National Parks.
The major collaborative appeal is coordinated by the BMC and funded by it's charity (the BMC Access and Conservation Trust). It embraces a sense of collective pride and responsibility for looking after our best-loved landscapes. Already live their dedicated website has been launched: www.mendmountains.thebmc.co.uk.

Snowdonia Society

snowdonia sociaty.jpg

Snowdonia Society works in three main ways:

  • Practical conservation which makes a difference to Snowdonia, year after year: clearing litter, maintaining footpaths, tackling invasive species and improving habitats for wildlife
  • Campaigning to protect Snowdonia’s special qualities from threats such as inappropriate development or erosion of its natural and cultural heritage
  • Working in partnership with Snowdonia National Park Authority, Natural Resources Wales, National Trust and other conservation bodies, as well as individual farmers and landowners for the benefit of all who live work and visit this remarkable place

Website: www.snowdonia-society.org.uk