A different kind of cake: Torq energy gels review

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If you've been looking for running fuel then look no further. Despite running for many years I have yet to find the perfect running snack. Running snacks on the move need to be lightweight, high in energy, and easy to consume on the move.

There's a lot of running snacks on the market, most of which tick these boxes but leave a little to the imagination where taste is concerned. Surely the perfect running snack should be tasty too? There are plenty of snack bars, energy balls, and supplements  that provide energy and taste good.

Energy gels are a preferred running snack, they are light weight, pocket sized, and deliver a burst of energy quickly. However, running gels previously have not delivered in taste, usually too sugary or artificial tasting. Here at Snowdon Events we have been lucky enough to sample TorQ's new energy gels. The two new cherry bakewell and lemon drizzle flavours are fantastic. Although cherry bakewell is a personal favourite, both equally deliver in taste, depth of flavour, lack of artificial ingredients and act as a great energy boost when running. They taste like the flavours on the packet, somehow cherry bakewell tastes of cherries with almond and bakewell under tones, the lemon drizzle tastes like real lemons with a subtle cake flavour.

With a fantastic taste and a texture that's not too thick TorQ have really hit the nail on the head with their energy gels. We would highly recommend TorQ products to any runners. 

More information on the TorQ along with there other products.

Happy running.

Charlotte Dovey

Snowdon Events



Writen by:

Charlotte Dovey UIMLA International Mountain Leader 

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