Make your own hill snacks

Both these recipes use latex muffin moulds, so you do not need oil or butter to stop them sticking.

Peanut butter muesli bars (makes 8)
50 grams peanut butter
50 grams honey
600 grams museli (I use one with lots of fruit and nuts)

Melt all the wet ingredients in a large pan, then when melted mix in the musesli.Then divide in to indevidual latex muffin molds
Bake at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes or untill golden
Leave in the fridge overnight and ready for you the next day

Thay keep for around a week in a tub, in or out of the fridge.


Mini Mushroom Fritatas (makes 8)
6 eggs
50 grams parmesan cheese
4 field or chesnut mushrooms
Olive oil

Optional half cup cooked rice

Chop the mushrooms thinly anf fry in a little oil untill half cooked,mix the eggs,seasoning and cheese in a bowl.Add the mushrooms and mix again.
Pore the mix into 8 latex muffin molds.
Cook in a pre=heated oven at full power for 8-10 minutes

Optional: Add a half cup of cooked rice to the mix before cooking to give you a carb option.

Dont put in a tub untill cold and store in the fridge untill you take them on the hill, dont recomend talking them on a realy hot day.

Enjoy and tag us in on social media if you post pictures of your own.


Writen by

Jethro Withers International Mountain Leader 

Jethro withers